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Update:  February 5, 2021

Dear Family and Friends:

Pursuant to the State’s updated Covid-19 restrictions, the funeral home is now able to have funeral services by allowing for 35% of the funeral home’s capacity, or no more than 35 people, in the funeral home at any one time.  Visitors, as well as family members and staff, are still required to wear masks, and we still ask that visitors limit their time in the funeral home so others may pay their respects to the family.  The funeral home continuously manages the entrance/exit of attendees during visitations when practical or necessary.  Social distancing should be maintained at all times.

Since mid-December we have had the additional protection of the air purification technology created by Beyond by Aerus, formerly known as Electrux, in our funeral home.  Aerus is the healthy home leader providing cutting-edge technologies to create the healthiest business and homes around the world. Their ActivePure award winning technology goes above and beyond traditional air purification systems by actually eliminating harmful contaminants in the air and on surfaces.   

Thompson Memorial Home is continuing to do our utmost to creatively assist our friends and families through their grief during these difficult times.  We continue to allow next-of-kin, those not subject to quarantine, to make arrangements either in the funeral home, by telephone or by other communication with the funeral home when necessary.

We wish you all well and, as always, we are here for you in your greatest time of need.

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Bruce S. Thompson, Owner & Manager, NJ LIC #3740